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Your Round Trip on the Wheel begins with your birthdate. From there you can learn to plot your entire life Journey upon the Wisdom Wheel, or we can do it for you, via a beautiful PDF than shows where you are on the Great Spiral from ages 0-102.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are steadily progressing along the Great Spiral of time. Year by year, quadrant by quadrant, Law by Law, we are in the midst of completing of another one of the 27 year Cycles. Each turn on the Spiral brings us to those particular priorities. At each age and stage the Wheel is revealing what’s next for us, in our spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical assignments on each succeeding level.

Aligning ourselves with the universal forces of evolution will nudge our growth and development and keep us from falling into the downward spiral of devolution. Ideally, over time, we become well-rounded people. By completing all four Go Rounds, we attain the status of wise Elder. To accomplish this, and live to a ripe old age, we protect the Earth and ourselves by learning to go with the Flow and preserve Nature’s wisdom and all it provides us.

After living on the Wheel for over twenty years, I continue to be astonished by the accuracy of its guidance. It has outperformed any fortuneteller, psychic or therapist I ever consulted. To find out where you are living on the Wheel, this year, CONTACT US for a personalized PDF. It features the details of your Journey so far, and your annual advances and priorities, laid out year by year into the future too. $81

Choose which dose of the Wisdom Wheel’s medicine would work best for you now: daily, weekly, or monthly. You can put your entire life upon the Wheel or just find out what your Birth Law is.

Daily Pebble

These free emails gently introduce you to the vast wisdom of the Wheel and its Laws. They also restore your Awareness of the lunar Cycles and natural rhythms.


1,000 Days on the Wheel

 This is a more comprehensive option. Designed for those ready to study the Wisdom Wheel in depth. Since 2004, it has been our most popular course, done in person in our study circles, and independently via daily email. $15 a month. If you cannot afford this, ask us about our scholarship student arrangements. If you can donate to help cover the costs of scholarships, please do!

Connecting the Dots

To the uninitiated, the Wisdom Wheel may look like a bunch of rocks, with words engraved upon them. In their unassuming circle, we might miss what their arrangement actually represents, the elemental principles and bedrock Laws that anchor everything in our Universe.

From the swirling galaxies to the rings embedded in our fingerprints, you’ll find the same circles and evolutionary spirals symbolized by the Wheel’s sacred geometry. It can teach you the framework of reconnection. As you learn to connect the natural dots on a daily basis, you will be shown how to live more consciously, inside Nature’s amazing, multidimensional matrix.

Without this kind of orientation, many of us feel alienated, from Nature and each other. Few modern people are being taught the perennial wisdoms. And because we lack this essential natural knowledge, we have trouble grounding and centering ourselves, regularly. But the Wheel helps us return to Balance, remain stable and stay healthy.

Let the Wheel deepen and widen your understanding of our world and yourself, a bit more everyday, via our daily emails.

Finding your birthplace upon the Wheel is the beginning in a series of revelations. To know your Birth Law makes your Journey personal. There are 12 Birth Laws. They represent the seasonal gateways as the Earth faces each constellation in turn on its annual circuit through the Milky Way, traveling round our Sun star. When we come into this world, we enter the Wheel too as it represents the same encircling orbit.