Welcome to the Wisdom Wheel

If you are looking for gentle guidance, you have come to the right place. I discovered the wheels of the world during a time when I felt lost and overwhelmed in 1995. As a wife, mother of three young children then, and a small business owner, I was determined to find another way.

The story of how I was mysteriously guided to the medicine wheels and created the Wisdom Wheel, my synthesized version, is told over the course of a series of emails you can sign up for. The 1,000 Days Journey on the Wisdom Wheel has been teaching students how to use this method in groups for over twenty years now. We have currently suspended our in-person study groups, but you can contact me to join one of our online virtual circles. 

For 2021 we’ve created a lovely personal planner journal, Return to Wisdom. Designed to support users every step of the way, it lays out the first 12 Laws as monthly themes. They can reinforce your exploration of the Wisdom Wheel’s bedrock principles. It is a proven way to keep the spiral pointed upwards in your daily. Click HERE for your copy.

The wheels of the world have been guiding human lives for eons. My version draws upon North and South American medicine wheels, the Tibetan Buddhist bhāvacakra wheel of life, the Hindu chakravartin wheel of law and the Chinese lo pan compasses used by feng schui practitioners. Mine is the first to present the bedrock principles of the 36 universal laws, which identify the core common ground of rights and values, such as Balance, Compassion, and Enlightenment. These unite our cultures, religions and countries.

CONTACT ME to see how you might use the Wisdom Wheel to guide your own inner and outer journeys.