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Loves, Lies and Resolutions

a memoir

“A richly told memoir that’s steeped in history.– Kirkus Review

‘Davidson’s belief that historical knowledge is the key to understanding contemporary problems results in a well-told, jet-setting memoir that spans decades and continents. The book is rather lengthy, but its seamless digressions will keep readers’ interest as Davidson recalls important years in her journey toward psychological and spiritual well-being. A vibrant parade of people moved in and out of her life, and her stories range in tone from joyful to harrowing. She also offers considerable cultural and political insight, and a little bit of romance, along the way, as well as an intriguing take on Paris as a place of refuge and healing. – Kirkus Review

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Measuring Distances:

Cross-Cultural Poetry

Traveling the globe chapter by chapter, this cross-cultural poetry collection is inspired by the three decades Davidson spent overseas. At age eight, Davidson and her family relocated from the US to the Middle East. She lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Lebanon, England, Spain, Venezuela, and France. Discovering a love for writing at a young age, Davidson used poetry to process both the joy and the trauma of growing up abroad — from language barriers and culture shock to xenophobia and war. Measuring Distances is not only a poetic journey around the world, but also an intimate and personal reckoning with the challenges all global citizens face.

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Return to Wisdom

2021 Journal Planner

Our Return to Wisdom 2021 journal planner, co-created with graphic artist, Rosanne Romiglio-Ashley, gently guides users on a 12 month tour of the first 12 Laws on the Wisdom Wheel, starting with Balance in January, ending with Integrity next December.

Complete with directions, quotations and lunar cycles, this exploration of beliefs can be combined with our twice monthly Zoom discussions, a members only Facebook group, and series of emails. Resolve to track your behaviors in 2021. See if this theme of the month Journey helps you synchronize your inner hopes and outer actions.

Gifts of Wisdom

perpetual calendar

More gratitude is due to those who surprised me by purchasing a Gifts of Wisdom perpetual calendar after seeing it in the last newsletter. They make great birthday or holiday presents for men or women. I will mail them to anyone you designate for $19.95 (plus shipping). Supplies are limited so order yours soon.

“‘[…] women need to develop a new moral system in an otherwise doomed world… Not being sadistic, as a rule, women often fail to understand the basic fact about sadistic behavior: it is stimulated by the appearance of vulnerability in the prospective victim…  It would be better for women to assert their right to judge, to be bolder in questioning male authority, to demand the respect due to them as mothers and decent, caring citizens… The Crone can still serve as an empowering image of biological truth, female wisdom and mother-right, to which men must learn to defer, if they are ever to conquer the enemy within themselves.

Barbara G. Walker, in The Crone