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JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia: 1962-68
VERSOIX, Switzerland: 1968-70
BEIRUT, Lebanon: 1970-72
LONDON, England: 1973-74
CARACAS, Venezuela: 1975
RIYADA, Saudi Arabia: 1979
NEW YORK CITY, United States: 1976-79, 1980-83
PARIS, France: 1984-87

Katherine Touafek
The Feminine Moveable Feast!
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The book is well written with detail intertwining personal experience and informative historical events that touch not only the world stage but shaped the author's incredibly interesting life. Fun to read, as well, and excellent for a book club discussion. Especially relevant now...a must read you will remember and reflect upon. Brava Cynthia!
Sheila Capece
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History of the Middle East embedded in a love story and search of self. A woman's perspective on life, love and cultural differences.
Yvette Nachmias-Baeu
A look Inward during war and love and growing up
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This is a long and varied account of the journey towards self-knowledge in a time of war. It is a treatise for peace and understanding under the historical background she documents with great care. The secrets of the middle-east to some extent open up in this very personal account of a particular time and a particular place. Ms. Davidson's voice is authentic and honest as she explores her own fallibilities and passions through love affairs, work and travel as an ex-pat, a neither/or --while seeking her truths in the City of Light with a fabulous and devastating cast of characters. You will learn things you thought you knew through the eyes of one who has lived it.