Volume 2 Issue 33: Full Moon Time

“When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image
of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.”

— Meister Eckhart, German mystic (c. 1260 – c. 1328)

Wisdom Wheel

On this Full Moon, what does your soul choose to experience?

I hold the Egg in my hand, praying for Balance, as this catastrophic time of transformation whirls around us. A single intention can pierce the eggshell of Self like an arrow of activation. It can set off an entire sequence of fertilizing chain reactions, like the ones that produced the human me, over sixty-six years ago.

I return to my origins, the very Beginning of my beginners mind, my heart reforming, my body repairing, realigning with the organic sanity of biology. Each time I lay down the center stone to form the Sacred Circle of my Wisdom Wheel, restoration ripples outward. When asking myself, what can we hold on to when everything is changing, I feel the very rock of being in my hand. And I see the foundational principles in the 36 Laws of Nature and the Universe. They predate all manmade confusions.

And since this Sunday is Mother’s Day, let’s remember the Great Mother whose heat formed the very stones. She harbors us all, holds our Eggs in Her Basket, along with the Pure Potential of our souls’ growth and development. This is the Greatest of All Mothers, La Ultima Madre, Mother Nature, who incubates all our lives. Within the starry slipstream of our Milky Way, Our Earthly Mother Ship accommodates us, upon Her rounding, turning body. Hers is the Power to nurture or destroy us. Mistreating Her has consequences. We must resolve to end our ignorance, and improve our relationships, with Her and each other. For those reasons, I became a CircleKeeper, and teach the Wisdom Wheel way.

We’re scheduled to celebrate our human mothers this weekend, yet we live in a country where the military is far better funded than mothering. We erect statues to generals not mothers. The bulk of our tax money goes into the “defense” budget, to manufacture the machinery of death, plus pay for veterans’ homes and soldiers’ healthcare, with nothing allocated for the mothers who birthed and raised them. No wonder we lack the nursing and mothering skills to battle this killer virus. We have lost 70,000 Americans in roughly seven weeks to this novel coronavirus. The 1918 pandemic killed over 675,000 Americans before ending in 1921, taking the lives of more US soldiers than we lost in WWI.

I urge everyone to heed the advice of Harvard graduate and public health policy expert Laurie Garrett. She wrote Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health in 2000, and The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance in 1994, trying to warn us. They call her Cassandra, but this American science journalist is the only writer ever awarded all three of the Big “Ps ” of journalism: the Peabody, the Polk, and the Pulitzer. She won the latter in 1996 for chronicling the Ebola virus outbreak in Zaire. Her “best case scenario is 36 months of this, with spiking infection rates, hot spots and waves until we gain herd immunity.”

Publishing News

The three versions of The Importance of Paris memoir: ebook/Kindle, print book, and Amazon AIX/Audible audio continue to sell, in US and overseas.

For those wanting an alternative to Jeff Bezos, we have contracted with IngramSpark. For $20 you can order directly from me, price includes tax & shipping. Email me for details.

By Summer Solstice we’ll release Measuring Distances, my cross-cultural poetry collection. Book design and artwork by graphic designer and editor extraordinaire, Gigie Hall.


We have become quite proficient at using Zoom. Contact me for information about a Wisdom Wheel reading or joining any one of our ongoing groups.

Every Saturday morning 10:30 am, Westerly Writing group
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Malcolm and I continue to hold the ceremonies as scheduled, with the next one being on June 21st for the Summer Solstice. Although others are not allowed to join us yet, we await the decisions from our Rhode Island governor. On May 8th she may relax some restrictions regarding gatherings. See updated news on our HOPE-HOUSE Facebook page.