Volume 2 Issue 43: Full Moon Theme is Process & Forgiveness

“You cannot contribute anything to the ideal condition of mind and heart…however much you preach, posture or agree, unless you live it.” ― Faith Baldwin, born Oct. 1, 1893-1978, American author of 85 books, including Self-Made Woman (1939)

Wisdom Wheel

What “ideal condition of mind and heart” guides our lives each day?

My guiding ideals are the 36 Laws on the Wisdom Wheel although Baldwin’s words come from today’s page in the Gifts of Wisdom (email me to buy directly) my perpetual calendar. When putting the quote collection together, I organized them to honor each author on their birthday. This helps me remember their Birth Laws too. Baldwin was born under the Forgiveness Law, like all Libras, who are currently celebrating their birthdays. Although she passed away 42 years ago, Baldwin’s words are worth remembering. Wisdom never goes stale or out of style.

Despite how few ask for it, wisdom is the one thing I wish we all had more of, including myself. This desire inspired me to develop the Wisdom Wheel more than twenty years ago. It offers a way to define our ideals and live by them, day by day, year after year.

Today another group began their 1,000 Days Journey on the Wisdom Wheel. Each new (online) class starts on a full moon. The next group is being assembled for October 31st. (contact me for info about the Introductory offer) This sequence of daily emails takes readers on virtual, month by month tour of the Wheel and its 36 Laws. Every email includes a quote, some Daily Guidance, and an excerpt from my journal. Those who complete this course earn the certification to teach the Wheel to others in their study circles. Many do the Wheel with a study buddy. And several have done the thirty six month Journey more than once because there is a lot to learn.

A hearty thanks to each person, who volunteered to share their life Journey turning point details, for our research project, to validate the forthcoming Wisdom Wheel book. There are a few spots left. Contact me if you want to see your entire life laid out on the Great Spiral of the Wheel.

More gratitude is due to those who surprised me by purchasing a Gifts of Wisdom perpetual calendar after seeing it in the last newsletter. They make great birthday or holiday presents for men or women. I will mail them to anyone you designate for $19.95 (plus shipping). Supplies are limited so order yours soon.

Publishing News

Rosanne Romiglio continues to help me redo my author website. It will be unveiled in next issue of newsletter. The graphics for the Wisdom Wheel book are also coming along thanks to my talented designer/editor Gigie Hall.

The second memoir is now on hold as the Wisdom Wheel book has taken priority. The word count grows, slowly but steadily. All the hair pulling and teeth gnashing it took to learn to write the first memoir is paying dividends now. Knowing what readers want more of, and how to assemble scenes into chapters, is making this one easier to write. We are looking at publishing dates for both books. Stay tuned.


Covid continues to play havoc with in-person plans, yet life goes on, thanks to Zoom. I am happy to report The Importance of Paris book club package raised $500 for Lisa Guillette’s non-profit Foster Forward online fundraiser auction. This package included 10 signed copies of my memoir, complete with my agreement to appear via Zoom, to answer all questions from book club members. The lucky winner Susan lives in South Carolina. You can still donate to Foster Forward. If you need to raise funds or plan something fun for your group, let’s talk. Bulk orders of more than 10 copies are mailed at a discount.

Several ongoing Zoom groups are meeting regularly:

Every Saturday morning 10:30 am, Westerly Writing group
Every other Wednesday evening 6pm, Book Writers group
Every Monday evening 7pm, Zoom Lodge

Those serious about getting stories written and published can also join The Story Circle Network and the National Association of Memoir Writers. Having participated for many years in both organizations I can vouch for their lasting impact.


We held our Autumn Equinox Lodge ceremony and our next one is Sunday, October 4th. Updates concerning Covid restrictions and complete calendar for 2021 can be found on our HOPE-HOUSE Facebook page. We continue to experiment a limited number of regular participants doing their own rounds.

Lastly, today is also World Elders Day. Since watching the presidential election debate this week, I must say what I most hold against the current US president is that he shows no interest in wisdom or maturity, which Elders are supposed to have. This might be more forgivable if he was only running one of his companies, but not when he’s leading our beloved country.

“‘[…] women need to develop a new moral system in an otherwise doomed world… Not being sadistic, as a rule, women often fail to understand the basic fact about sadistic behavior: it is stimulated by the appearance of vulnerability in the prospective victim… It would be better for women to assert their right to judge, to be bolder in questioning male authority, to demand the respect due to them as mothers and decent, caring citizens… The Crone can still serve as an empowering image of biological truth, female wisdom and mother-right, to which men must learn to defer, if they are ever to conquer the enemy within themselves.” ― Barbara G. Walker, in The Crone