Volume 1 Issue 18: Full Harvest Moon

Full Harvest Moon

It’s out! The print version of the memoir is now available. Thank you for your faith and patience. We added a Reader’s Guide with questions for book clubs, which was not included in the ebook released in June. And save the date October 27th for the Book Launch Party! Additional details in next newsletter

Quite a swirl of emotions on this Friday the 13th Full Harvest Moon. As fate would have it, the print ready manuscript was uploaded to Amazon on the 18th anniversary of 9/11. A bittersweet homage this book is, to all who have perished out of ignorance, on that day, before it, and since.

Our ignorance is the real enemy. Our ignorance of each other, and our ignorance about the alternatives to such appalling hatred spawns the violence. This is why I felt compelled to write my story. The importance of my time in Paris was how it helped me heal after what had happened to me, my family, and many others in the Middle East. We must find alternatives to the waste of war.

On a positive note, the wait for our Kirkus Review was worth it!

“… A richly told memoir that’s steeped in history.” — Kirkus Review

Their opinion matters a lot to libraries, so if all 120,000 of them would buy one copy, I could afford to write full time.

Wisdom Wheel

Forgiveness is our theme this month. How appropriate. As the Autumn Equinox arrives on Sunday Sept. 22, we start celebrating our Libra friends’ whose Birth Law is Forgiveness. On the Wisdom Wheel Enlightenment is the balancer of Forgiveness and indicates where our work is in either direction.


Our September workshop Would You, Could You, Should You Write A Memoir? : The Journey from Inception to Publication is fully inscribed. Thanks to those who signed up. Our next one is the last for 2019, on Sunday December 15th 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We only take eight, so reserve your spot soon. $160 includes unlimited coffee, tea and snacks as well as light lunch, instruction, and all materials. Contact me for more info. Consider this an early Christmas gift, especially if you or your loved one’s 2020 New Year Resolutions include getting your book done!

In the New Year we will form a regularly meeting group to help hold each other accountable for getting the job done! And having fun while achieving our writing goals. For those traveling from afar, our exchange students have departed. We now have rooms to rent to writers. If you need a place to stay for the workshop, or for a weekend, a week, or a month, to focus on a project, we charge $35 per night. This includes the evening meal, and supportive encouragement, for those who want to share their writing around the table after dinner. Recommit to your own writing project(s)!


Our Autumn Equinox Lodge is on Sunday Sept. 22. The schedule for the remainder of 2019 ceremonies is: Saturday October 5th, Sunday November 3rd, and Saturday December 21st for Winter Solstice. All begin at 10 a.m. Contact me for details.