Volume 1 Issue 17: Journey Continued

Journey Continued

We held back this issue of the newsletter, till after the Labor Day holiday. Hope yours was restful with ample free time for reading good books! Mine was busy with the Turkish and Dominican students we’ve been hosting. The Turkish students made us all thick Turkish coffee and showed us how you turn the cup upside down afterward to have your fortune read. Whether we leave our home countries, or not, we can always learn about other cultures. My memoir says a lot about that part of our Journeys.

Some of the latest reader feedback has me thrilled:

“Wow. Your book is fantastic! I’ve been reading the sample of your book on Kindle and enthralled. I’m learning so much about history through your eyes and enjoying Paris at the same time. Super good job with language and descriptions and history!” — Linda Joy Myers, President of the National Association of Memoir Writers & Co-President of the Women’s National Book Association, SF

So grateful to receive this assessment from an expert on the genre of memoir writing. If planning to write one, do yourself a favor, and join the National Association of Memoir Writers. Learn from their workshops and conferences. They helped me immensely.

And, drum roll please, Linda Joy Myers has kindly invited me to be her guest on the October 11th teleseminar from NAMW. Save the date! More details to come in next month’s newsletter, with a link to the live event, so you can call in your questions.

And, we just received a favorable review from Kirkus! More details in next newsletter. We held back the print version hoping they would say something positive to include on our back cover. The wait was worth it! The nod from this venerable reviewer will help us sell to libraries whose purchases are guided by Kirkus recommendations.

What I’m Reading

Our book club picked Tommy Orange’s debut novel, “There There.” Urban Native American stories told by a Cheyenne and Arapaho author whose book was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Come check in with me on Goodreads!


You still have time to sign up for our one day Rhode Island workshop Would You, Could You, Should You Write A Memoir? : The Journey from Inception to Publication. The next one is on Sunday September 15th, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Only 2 spots left. $160 per person includes unlimited coffee, tea & snacks as well as light lunch. Contact me for more info. This final 2019 workshop will be on Sunday December 15th. Book soon especially if you have a 2020 New Years Resolution to get your book done!

For those traveling from afar, our exchange students are leaving soon, and we have rooms to rent to writers. If you need a place to stay for the workshop, or for a weekend, a week, or a month, to focus on a project, we charge $35 per night. This includes the evening meal, and supportive encouragement, for those who want to share their writing around the table after dinner. Recommit to your own writing project(s).


Never any charge for sacred ceremonies. Our next sweat (Purification) Lodge is Saturday August 3, 10 a.m. And the following monthly ‘open’ community one will be for the Autumn Equinox on Sunday, Sept. 22, 10 am. Please RSVP as these fill up fast.