Volume 1 Issue 7: The Many Stages of Enlightenment

Well the sky didn’t fall, after I shared about being a mystic in my last newsletter, and I guess the Earth will continue to turn when my memoir comes out at the end of this cycle. These small braveries reveal something I needed to remember (again) about Enlightenment. It happens in stages. Each fear I let go of makes room for a little more Light to get through. Each dissolved blockage creates additional space for that wonderful whoosh of energy and uplift. No wonder the Law of Surrender precedes Enlightenment on the Wisdom Wheel.

Another Enlightenment lesson of late has been about letting others in, to give me the help I need. I used to be so darn stuck on doing it all myself! But graphic designer, and editor par excellence, Gigie Hall, has taken what would have been my ‘not ready for prime time’ efforts and zoomed into another realm of professionalism. Her talents and collaborative skills on these newsletters and writing projects are much appreciated! We hope you like the finalized cover of The Importance of Paris, featured above, but even if you don’t, we’ll be alright. Hehe!

Wisdom Wheel

Before closing this newsletter, with an excerpt from the Preface of the memoir, I must say something about three other Laws.

Forgiveness: this Law balances Enlightenment on the Wheel. We cannot have one without the other. Besides working to forgive others for not being sufficiently enlightened, we must also forgive ourselves, for not being there already!

Immortality: I spent last year (my 64th) living under the lessons of this Law and believe it gave me the push to finish my first memoir so those stories could have lives of their own after I’m gone. We all live under the Immortality Law at ages 10, 37, 64 and 91 as the Wheel of Life conducts us along on our circumnavigating Journeys. Each year our priorities shift and life presents us with new priorities, ready or not. I’ll share a bit more about all this in another newsletter soon.

Ultimate Reality: this is the Law I’m living under now, at age 65. It feels big and it may take me all year to figure out what it’s trying to teach me. The last time I lived under Ultimate Reality I was 38 and 11. At least I can report during that interim some definite improvements occurred in my reality!


Next ceremony is Saturday April 5th on the New Moon. Thanks for supporting the Bear Fasters who made it through! Two earned new spirit names after facing their fears and growing so much by relying on their spirits.

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The Memoir

Excerpt from preface below:

This book was born of desperation and a deep need for healing after the war in Lebanon. The traumas my family and friends endured there left me unable to envision a happy future or believe in normal life. I knew something was wrong, but was not sure if the fault lay inside me, or outside in the world at large. Although high functioning enough to earn my living and be independent, my needs for closure overrode other considerations. To get over the war, I decided to find out what had caused it. Recording those reasons was my initial inspiration for this writing project.

Because the continued fighting made Beirut too dangerous to return to, I went to France for answers. I hoped Lebanese refugees living in Paris could explain what had destroyed the country we had left but still loved. My encounters with them, and other Arabs and expatriates, brought an unexpected reckoning. The problems of Lebanon turned out not to be so unique. The same corrosive corruption flourishes in Paris, New York, Moscow and Washington, D.C. It threatens everyone and everything, from our relationships with family, friends and nations, to the very air we breathe and the waters we drink.