Volume 1 Issue 20: Journey

Current Events

A huge shout out to everyone who has already posted their picture on social media, holding your copies of the memoir! Your enthusiastic response has convinced us to do more than one Raclette Reward Dinner for Readers! Our first dinner is Wednesday night, October 30th. Contact me for details.

Please join us at The Book Launch Party on Oct 27th from 2-4 pm. Come to the Village clubhouse at Indian Lake, 191 Table Rock Road, Wakefield, RI. You can buy your copy (free of sales tax for that night only) and have it autographed. If you have a special someone who loves Paris, buy another copy. It would make a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift.

For those who attending in person, there will be two drawings: one for another Raclette Dinner, the second for a free place at our next memoir writing workshop on December 15th. These offers are only for those present. If you have concerns about what’s going on in the world, that’s another reason to join us on Sunday October 27th. We will have a lively Q & A session after I read a few sections from the memoir. The room only holds 60, so RSVP before we run out of space.

For those living too far away to come, please listen to my Oct. 11th interview by the National Association of Memoir Writers. The live event was only available to members, who asked questions, but you can hear the entire recording here. Linda Joy Meyers, who founded the association almost a dozen years ago, made my part easy. Having interviewed countless authors, and written her own memoirs, she knows the genre and its challenges as well as anyone. We discussed how I wove in the complicated histories of Paris, France and the former Paris of the Middle East, and the long journey it was to get this book done. My original intention in 1984 was to write another woman’s biography. That project morphed into a novel, which was shelved for over two decades, before finally re-emerging as a memoir. Wherever you are in the journey of getting your book done, don’t give up.


Our next workshop Would You, Could You, Should You Write A Memoir? The Journey from Inception to Publication is on Sunday December 15th 10 am to 4 pm. This is our last one in 2019, and we only take 8, so reserve your spot soon. $160 includes instruction, and all materials, including unlimited coffee, tea and snacks plus a light lunch. Contact me for more info. Consider it an early Christmas gift, for you or your loved one, especially if 2020 New Year resolutions include getting your book done! We are forming a Get It Done group for 2020 and will meet regularly to hold each other accountable. Meeting milestones and achieving writing goals is more fun when you celebrate them with others.

We also rent rooms to writers. Introductory rate is $35 per night. This includes the evening meal and supportive encouragement, for those sharing what they wrote around the dinner table here at Hope House where people come to write and do ceremonies.


The schedule for the remainder of 2019 ceremonies is: Sunday November 3rd and Saturday December 21st for Winter Solstice. Our Purification (sweat lodge) ceremonies begin at 10 am. Contact me for details.