Volume 1 Issue 10: Eternal Present

Happy Birthday to all our Gemini friends! They have The Eternal Present as their Birth Law, because they entered the Circle of Life (Wheel) at this spring breeze time of year. To learn what your Birth Law is click here.

This Full Moon is teaching me a new lesson about being eternally present in the world, in the form of leaving a written record behind. This is the best part of publishing a memoir. Your book will speak to future generations about the lessons you learned long past your allotted time on Earth — if you write your stories down and put them into print.

Writing News & Memoir Workshop

Thanks to those who already signed up for our upcoming event on Sunday June 23. Only two spaces left for this initial offering, so reply quickly if you want to come!

Several of you asked for more information about our workshop. It is all about the Process (another Law on the Wisdom Wheel). You will be shown how to write a pivotal scene, from your own life, for starters. Memoirs are collections of those scenes, along with the insights and takeaways gleaned, from those Eternal Present moments.

Gigie Hall and I will share what we wished we had known at the outset about what it takes to complete a memoir, after doing one together. You will receive more information about how memoirs differ from other genres and a reading list of great examples. We will help you look at your own life, as a potential author, and follow a decision Process to help you make up your mind about such a big Commitment (another Law on the Wisdom Wheel).

Many Americans say they want to write a book about their lives. We can help you decide whether you could, should, would do it, with the ongoing assistance of those who have survived the Process. Depending upon your decision, you can join our online writing group and attend other workshops we are planning. This event will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at my home in Hope Valley, R.I. You will receive program materials and the step by step process we used to complete this memoir. An autographed copy of The Importance of Paris will also be included, hot off the presses, plus a light lunch, coffee/tea and snacks. The cost is $60. (Pay by cash or check in person).


Our Summer Solstice Lodge ceremony, in newly rebuilt Lodge, will be held on Saturday the 22nd of June. Please RSVP as these Solstice and Equinox ceremonies fill up fast.

The Memoir

The memoir will be available via Amazon by Friday June 21st. The Summer Solstice is our target for the unveiling. Here’s a peek at the contents:

The Importance of Paris
Loves, Lies & Resolutions

A memoir

By Cynthia F. Davidson

  1. Cherchez La Femme – Seeking the Woman
  2. Raison d’Etre – Reason for Being
  3. Joie de Vivre – Glad to be Alive
  4. Le Pourquoi – The Why
  5. L’Education Sentimentale – The Sentimental Education
  6. Avoir de La Chance – To Have Good Luck
  7. Aimer a La Folie – Crazy Love
  8. C’est Vrai ou Desole – It’s True Or It’s Tragic
  9. Coup de Foudre – Thunderbolt
  10. Mon Fantome – My Phantom
  11. A Quoi Bon? – What’s The Use?
  12. Dans Un Haram Byzantine – In A Byzantine Harem
  13. A Plusier Reprises – The Many Tries
  14. Je Suis Malade – I Am Sick
  15. Faites Vos Jeux – Place Your Bets
  16. Ca Fait Mon Affaire – My Affair Is Over
  17. Le Cout de La Vie – The Cost Of Living
  18. Metro-Boulet-Dodo – Subway-Job-Sleep
  19. Ce Le Moment ou Jamais – It’s Now Or Never
  20. Voyage a Isles Canaries – Canary Islands Voyage

Epilogue – Commencement