Volume 2 Issue 25: Renewal Continued

Publishing News

There’s good news and bad this time around. Let’s get the bad news over with first. Despite my promise to publish the audio version of The Importance of Paris memoir, in time to link it in this issue of the newsletter, that is not going to happen. Sorry to disappoint those who’ve been waiting so patiently but I’m the most disappointed, I can assure you!

After I carefully read the entire book, all 18 hours of audio recordings had to be thrown away. A glitch with the sound quality could not be fixed. In technical terms, the “noise floor” was too high.

Now for the good news, we’ve bought better equipment, and started all over again. We hope to have it ready by next newsletter. I’ve told myself it’s a Renewal lesson, just like surviving so many drafts. Each time I needed to believe the book was done, but realized it could be better, and then rewrote it. This is not the fun part of Renewal, yet those iterations resulted in a better book, and convinced me it was worth all the effort.

Writing News

As I hibernate near the woodstove in our log cabin in the snowy woods, the next memoir is spinning into shape. The first twenty pages are almost ready for delivery to our new Book Writers group. The members must have them by January 15th so they can prepare to give me their feedback at the following meeting.

If you want to get your book done in 2020, contact me, and join us. I may be biased, but believe our beta readers are the best.

The Measuring Distances poetry book is percolating along, with a Spring Equinox release date target, thanks to the magic mojo of my graphic designer/editor extraordinaire Gigie Hall.

We’ll soon share some exciting news about The Wisdom Wheel Way project too.


I’m holding off on publicity appearances till spring and will resume Memoir Writing Workshops on Wednesday April 1. Reserve your seat for these one-day events as we only have room for six people each time. In response to your requests, we have added weekday dates and weekends. Please see complete 2020 schedule here.


Next Purification Lodge ceremony is Sunday, February 2, 2020, 10 a.m. at HOPE HOUSE in Hope Valley, Rhode Island. Contact me for more details and click here for the full 2020 schedule.