Volume 1 Issue 16: Journey


“Above all I admire your frankness about the people you met, your parents & your love life – very brave to put so much of it down on paper for all to read, and it makes a riveting story.” — Fiona Dunlop

Merci Fiona, my old Paris friend! When setting out on this memoir writing journey, no one told me one of its greatest rewards would be reconnecting with those I knew so long ago. Fiona was part of “The Importance of Paris” years. She is mentioned several times in my book but we had lost touch for three decades. Currently living in England and Spain, she read the ebook recently and we are happily in touch again.

Now in our sixties, we are both authors. Only a friend like Fiona could fill me in on what happened to our mutual acquaintances from those days in France in our early thirties. This gift of continuity, of coming full circle, is the most precious, unexpected, surprise to come from where this writing work has taken me.

And, I’m making plans to see Fiona and attend one of her Andalucía immersion adventures in Spain (see more on her website). As my memoir readers know, that place and the once upon a time Golden Age of peace between the Muslims, Jews and Christians, is my favorite historical period.

While on the theme of the journey, which we know is more important than the destination, my editor and I have agreed to momentarily stop the presses on the print edition of the memoir. Its Kirkus review is due out on September 3rd and we have decided to wait for it, hoping that it is positive so we can add the comments to our back cover. Libraries and bookstores rely upon their judgment, especially when buying independently published books like mine. Expect the link to the print edition to be in the next newsletter, arriving in your inboxes after Labor Day.

Wisdom Wheel

On the 23rd of August we begin to celebrate the birthdays of our Virgo friends and family members, and these run until the Autumn Equinox on Sept. 22. This is the Journey time of year on the Wisdom Wheel. All Virgos have the Journey as their Birth Law.


A reminder to those who did not make it to our pilot workshop, we are offering it again, on Sunday September 15th. As summer ends and the kids return to school, (re)start your own writing project(s). Would You, Could You, Should You Write A Memoir? : The Journey from Inception to Publication. Only 8 spots per workshop to facilitate individual attention, so sign up soon. $160 per person.


Never any charge for sacred ceremonies. Our next sweat (Purification) Lodge is on the Autumn Equinox on Sunday, Sept. 22, 10 am. Please RSVP as these fill up fast.