Volume 1 Issue 21: Clarity


Happy November 1, 2019! And to those recovering from Halloween, especially the sugar candy overload, you have my sympathies. We are thrilled to report the Book Launch Party on Sunday Oct. 27th was a roaring success. A hearty thanks, to each hardy soul who braved the ferocious weather, to celebrate with us in Wakefield, Rhode Island. Despite some cancellations, turnout was better than expected. We ran out of chairs.

Having an audience of friendly readers made my presentation job a piece of cake. You will be missed when the book tour starts! Being questioned by those who don’t know my story will never be as enjoyable as this launch party was. We sold nearly $500 worth of books in two hours, enough to keep us humming along.

If you need a juicy read, a Christmas gift, or a book club selection idea, click here.

Other Events

On October 30th we had our first Readers Reward Raclette Dinner. To qualify for these meals, you must post a picture of yourself holding a copy of the memoir and link it to my personal pages (at FB/Instagram) or The Importance of Paris Facebook page. (If you are not on social media, send your picture to me and I will post it for you). While working on my next book about my unorthodox spiritual journey, I am eager to hear directly from readers about what they want more or less of. This is a fun way to connect.

As per request, our next Readers Raclette Reward meal will be a daytime luncheon, at noon, on Sunday November 10th. Contact me if you already posted your photo and this date and time are better for you. Due manage demand, we try to do this once a month. For now there is no charge but my husband has started joking about opening a raclette restaurant.


At the launch party, we did a drawing for a free seat at the next Memoir Writing Workshop Would You, Could You, Should You Write A Memoir? on Sunday Dec. 15, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Gloria won it! Congratulations. That’s a $160 value, and includes all instructions and materials, unlimited coffee, tea and snacks, plus a light lunch, and an autographed copy of The Importance of Paris memoir. You will be asked to bring along a short sample of your writing and share it with the group.

Recent testimonial: “I was honored to be part of Cynthia’s writing workshop which was surrounded by nature, beautiful people, and great food. I learned so much about memoirs and how to begin the process. Cynthia’s intense passion, love of stories, raw honesty, encouragement of women writers, incredible knowledge and background is truly inspiring. I am ready!!” — Maria S.

This is our final workshop in 2019. Running these only four times a year and limiting them to eight participants, means you must reserve your spot soon to get one. Contact me as I put the calendar together for 2020 as I might take this show on the road. Most Americans say they want to write a book about their lives but many never get around to it because they don’t know the steps involved. I designed this one day event to help you decide if memoir writing would be the right choice for you. Before making the commitment, save yourself the headaches I went through via hard won lessons. In Would You, Could You, Should You Write A Memoir? I chart the journey from inception to publication. After this course, if you want to continue, you can join our Get It Done group. We will meet regularly in 2020. If your New Year Resolutions include getting your book done, we’ll hold each other accountable, share feedback, and have fun!

Wisdom Wheel

Happy birthday to all our Scorpio friends and family, we are in their Clarity Birth Law month. All of you are invited to the Integrative Mental Heath Conference in Exeter, RI on Sunday Nov. 3rd at the Canonicus Center where I’ll present the Wisdom Wheel. Contact me for more info.

Since developing this method two decades ago, I’ve taught the Wisdom Wheel to hundreds of people, from all walks of life. At this conference, the focus will be on how to use it to reduce the epidemic of anxieties plaguing our modern lives. Anyone can learn to reframe their existence and reconnect to the timeless truths of Nature. Tune into what human beings used before Freud and psychoanalysis, rather than overreacting to upsetting news, personal or public.


Our last Purification (sweat lodge) ceremony for 2019 will be held on Saturday December 21st at 10 a.m. in observance of the Winter Solstice. Contact me for details. Our first Lodge for 2020 will be on New Year’s Day.