Volume 2 Issue 26: Purification

Wisdom Wheel

Can you feel the Wind in Winter energies blowing through the halls of power as well as scouring the land in our Northern hemisphere? This is the Law of Purification at work. On the Wisdom Wheel calendar this Law holds the space between January 20th and Feb. 18th so Happy Birthday, to all our Aquarian friends and family members, whose Birth Law is Purification. Expect this clean up crew’s energies to continue helping us clear out all kinds of corruption: personal, corporate, political, local and global.


Although writing continues to be my top priority, and I’m trying to hibernate until the spring equinox, some requests are hard to say no to. A resident at the BrightView Commons retirement community (here in south county Rhode Island) recently recommended the Wisdom Wheel to the activities director. He kindly asked me to come in and share it with the residents.

We started with an introduction to their Birth Laws. Each person wrote theirs down on the smooth pebbles I provided while we discussed their meanings. This introduction went so well we are planning to continue doing monthly Wisdom Wheel activities. Over time the residents will collect all 36 stones to complete their personal Wisdom Wheel sets.

Opportunities like these remind me of how diverse our audience is as we prepare the design for publishing the Wisdom Wheel Way later this year. Our study guide needs to be appropriate, not just for individuals but the full age range of groups, from home-schooled students to those in their Golden Years.

Holding off on publicity appearances until spring, we happily made an exception for a friend at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of South County last Sunday (Jan. 19th). My husband Malcolm helped me share stories (and songs) from my forthcoming spiritual memoir, Every Day Is Sun Day. What a warm and welcoming group of people. If any of you are seeking a place to worship…

Some have asked about the Memoir Writing Workshops, which resume on Wednesday, April 1. In response to your requests, we have added weekday dates as well as weekends. Reserve your seat in advance for these one day events as we can only seat six people each time. Please see complete 2020 schedule here. Workshops are $79 and include all instruction, materials, light lunch, unlimited coffee/tea and a signed copy for The Importance of Paris.

Publishing News

I entered The Importance of Paris memoir in the Story Circle’s May Sarton contest. Despite not placing on their finalists’ shortlist, I highly recommend the titles that did. Seeing several with international settings and themes is especially encouraging to me. I try to remember how unusual it is, for women to be sufficiently educated to put our stories into print, and live in safe spaces and have the luxury of time to read and write.

Meanwhile, the re-recording and mastering of the audio version of the first memoir continues. We’ll all celebrate heartily when it is finally done and the link is published!

Next week, at our new Book Writers group, I’ll hear the feedback on the first chapter of the next memoir.

To clarify, there are three memoirs:

The first one covered my time in Paris with flashbacks about my expatriate years. The second one covers the 12 years after France: marriage, motherhood, and more. The third one, Every Day Is Sun Day, is about my spiritual journey and Sun Dance years later in life.

Upcoming Events

Publicity will kick off on March 26th with an evening event at the Ink Fish Bookstore in Warren, RI. More details in next newsletter.

And watch for the spring equinox release date of the Measuring Distances cross-cultural poetry collection, featuring art work by graphic designer/editor extraordinaire Gigie Hall.


Our next Purification Lodge ceremony is Sunday, February 2, 2020, 10 a.m. at HOPE HOUSE in Hope Valley, Rhode Island. Contact me for more details and click here for the full 2020 schedule.