Volume 2 Issue 27: Purification Continued

Wisdom Wheel

Another Full Moon arrives to illuminate what we’re thinking, feeling and doing as well as what needs to change. As these Wind in Winter energies continue to blow through our Northern hemisphere, I’m noticing the actions my friends are taking: like sabbaticals from their social media accounts, and signing up for things like our four-day Bear Fast ceremony (March 18-22). Many are sensing the intuitive need for thorough cleansings via relinquishing all distractions from whatever prevents deeper, regenerative work.

For 20 years we have held these outdoor Bear Fasts and many who come are repeat fasters. Living completely in Nature, outside in their tents, without phones, or any modern conveniences, the fasters rest and dream deeply sleeping in the woods, while tending the Sacred Fire for the entire four days. This is Purification, taking a respite from the crazy making news of the manmade world. The force is with us for these activities at this time of year on the Wisdom Wheel calendar. There is no charge for any of our ceremonies though we gratefully accept donations. Contact me for more details.

Publishing News

So relieved to announce we have uploaded the audio version of the Paris memoir, all 19 hours of recordings, to Amazon! A thousand mercis to my dear husband/partner Malcolm Davidson, whose 15 years at Sony Music helped provide the skills for the mastering work, post recording. He finished just in time to depart on a marathon business trip; now in Egypt, then on to Korea, Malaysia etcetera until end of this month.

Once Amazon completes their confirmation process, we will post the link to the memoir via their Audible service. Keep an eye on The Importance of Paris Facebook page and my Instagram account for that up to the minute news. Though it sometimes seemed like torture, we are grateful to everyone who asked for an audio version. Thanks for your patience, while we learned enough to do it right.


Although I continue to hibernate until spring, writing the next book, the season will start with a bang. On April 1, we will have our first Memoir Writing Workshop of 2020. This is a Wednesday, in response to your requests, for weekday dates as well as weekends. Reserve your seat in advance as these one-day events (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) at HOPE HOUSE can accommodate only six people each time. Please see complete 2020 schedule here. Workshop fees are more affordable at $79. This includes all instruction, materials, light lunch, unlimited coffee/tea and a signed copy for The Importance of Paris.

For those who post reviews on Goodreads or Amazon, we’ll resume our raclette parties again in the spring. People who have bought multiple copies, like Ingrid and Bing, are already on the list!

Upcoming Events

Publicity will kick off on March 26th with an evening event at the Ink Fish Bookstore in Warren, RI. More details in next newsletter.

And watch for the spring release date of the Measuring Distances cross-cultural poetry collection, featuring artwork and photography by graphic designer/editor extraordinaire Gigie Hall.


Our next Purification Lodge ceremony will be on Sunday, March 22, 2020, at 10 a.m. In honor of the Spring Equinox, we will also celebrate the return of those who complete the Bear Fast. The fasters will share their received teachings with us during this Lodge. Both events are at HOPE HOUSE in Hope Valley, Rhode Island. Contact me for more details and click here for the full 2020 schedule.