Volume 2 Issue 30: Enlightenment

Wisdom Wheel

“Jim and I are marinating in the Wisdom of the Wheel, and what it has taught us over and over again. As Jim just said – it’s part of the foundation of our calm and present stance.” — Anna Tansi, President of Counterbalance Consulting

How reassuring to receive this testimonial during a period of pandemic pandemonium. After devoting 20 plus years to teaching my Wisdom Wheel creation, the proof of its long-term effectiveness right now, is deeply satisfying. The true payback is when others regard the Wheel as their “foundation of calm” in trying times. Financial profit is not a proper measure the Wheel’s impact because money is useless to the endeavor. Wisdom cannot be purchased. But it is certainly gratifying to see others finding the Wheel a useful treasure.

Anna and Jim have become dear friends in the 20 years since we first sat down together at this circle of stones. Anna attended my initial three year class, starting in September 1999. She and Jim have also become faithful teachers of the Wisdom Wheel, facilitating several three year classes. Each study circle takes three years to “carry” all 36 Laws, one per month. We gather to share our first hand experiences with learning to live by their wisdom. Our small study circle communities have weathered many crises — spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. From health scares, deaths, divorces and unemployment, we tested the truths of the Wheel. And we’ll persevere through these coronavirus inspired challenges too, be they physical, emotional, spiritual or financial.

Now we begin to celebrate the birthdays of our Aries friends, born in springtime, under the starry constellation of Aries. The ancients looked to the Cosmos above to get their bearings. Likewise the earthly Wisdom Wheel encourages orienting our growth and development to the most expansive of all designs, the Universe. Hence the Universal Laws, including the 12 Birth Laws, which correspond to the astrological signs. Birth Laws are clues to our life purposes. Anna and I were both born under the Law of Enlightenment.

Publishing News

All the coronavirus-caused cancellations have given us a chunk of enforced social distancing time to concentrate on The Wisdom Wheel Way book, and workbook, to ensure its availability in my absence. Look for a Summer Solstice June 21st publication date. We have still not heard from Amazon about the audio version of the Paris memoir but will keep you posted when it finally becomes available.


Due to Covid-19, all our events are on hold. But on each Full Moon we start another round of Wisdom Wheel classes via our email courses. The next one begins on Wednesday April 8th. Contact me for additional information. We’re getting the weekly print and audio versions ready and we’re investigating Zoom for online support, until we can meet in person.

The same goes for the memoir writing classes. We’ve had to cancel the April 1st one. Contact me for details about online options. Being confined is a fine time for writing.


The March 22nd Lodge ceremony was held here at Hope House. My husband Malcolm and I did it on our own because group gathering is restricted by the virus. We also did our part to observe the Bear Fast with some modifications. Those who had pledged to do it each took turns fasting a day each in place, as we did too, to cover all four days. The April 5th Lodge ceremony looks doubtful but we will have a big celebration ceremony once this contagion has passed!

I leave you with this quote about Enlightenment, which follows the Surrender Law:

“Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It is the seeing through the façade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” — Adyashanti