Volume 2 Issue 31: Enlightenment continued

Publishing News

We interrupt your regularly scheduled news broadcasts, and coronavirus pandemic updates, to whisk you to off to Paris. Without breaking rules or endangering anyone, you can escape from lockdown and social distance restrictions and be blissfully teleported to another time and place. All for less than a dollar an hour! And my voice will keep you there for almost 20 hours of mesmerizing storytelling.

Yes, Amazon has finally made my audio version of The Importance of Paris memoir available! A weird sort of birthday gift, but in such strange times, I’ll take it and share it.

Listen to a sample and consider it a virtual slice of celebratory birthday cake during these crazy times. My Paris days were challenging too but in the end I was profoundly healed. You may gain some lasting comfort from hearing about them.

(Those with Audible subscriptions pay nothing additional. The FREE Audible app can be downloaded without subscribing. Go to your app store to install it on your iphone, ipad or apple watch.)

Wisdom Wheel

Many people tell us they are using this unexpected coronavirus confinement time to read more or study something. We invite you to test drive the Wisdom Wheel and do both. Receive a regular dose of Enlightenment via our free Introduction month. A new class starts off on every Full Moon so contact me today. Specify your preference for monthly, weekly or daily email versions of the Wisdom Wheel study course. See samples on our FB page. Explore all 36 Universal Laws at our website and order individual Law booklets.

Exciting work continues on the Wisdom Wheel Way book and companion volume. We hope to launch them this summer. Expect to see some of the new graphics in next newsletter.


Due to Covid-19 all in person events are on hold but contact me for details about online options. We are doing Zoom sessions for online support in writing and ceremonial communities.


“Little did I know how my vision quest so many years ago would have prepared me for this time. I go back to those days often lately. Thank you for your wisdom. Miss you my friend and teacher…xoxo.” — Terry Giza, psychologist

Wonderful to hear of the lasting benefits our students and participants have received over the years. This is another reason why we continue to conduct our Purification ceremonies (aka sweat lodges) as promised, including the most recent one on April 5th. Sunday May 3rd is the next one. How much longer till others can physically participate again?