Volume 2 Issue 45: Clarity & Faith

“The aim of Divine Rage is not vengeance but to reorder the world.”
— Valerie Kaur, renown Sikh American activist, filmmaker, educator & civil rights lawyer, author of See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love

Wisdom Wheel
Many of my friends are frightened right now, about the soaring COVID cases, the economy and the outcome of the US presidential contest. Despite the provocations, I remind them to have Faith in themselves. “Don’t to give in to the trumped up fear and chaos. We will get through this. Don’t descend into disorder. Focus instead upon what you can do, daily. Maintain order in your own life. No matter what happens on Election Day, decide to make the best of things.”

This is why Valerie Kaur’s words resonated so deeply when I listened to her TED talk recently. She describes our Choices with Clarity. Seekers of vengeance may find it hard to understand how many of us are not interested in it. We would rather respond to the need to “reorder the world.”  While some people I know are buying guns and ammunition, in expectation of post election violence, many more of us are expecting positive change, because we are already committed to it. 
We’ve seen how risky it is to rely upon external forces alone for law and order. We have to maintain order in our own worlds, at least. What are you doing to bring order, and some balancing stability, to your circle of friends and family?

Two decades of discipline with the Laws and order described on the Wisdom Wheel keeps me from flying apart. I ground myself, quite literally, by sitting upon the floor and laying out the 36 stones. I ask the Universe for guidance, Faith, Clarity and vision to keep me, and the people I love, in alignment with forces of Nature and evolution. No imposed, manmade order from the outside will help us evolve like learning to radiate our sense of order from within.

Request what you want to see more of like Balance, Right Relationship, Awareness, Trust and Integrity and so on. The more of us who resist violence, the better we can hold the center, together. Contact me if you want to explore the Wisdom Wheel this month. We will send you a calming series of emails to introduce you to this method. More than anything at the moment we need order.

News & Events
It didn’t feel right to reveal the newly improved author website, with so much going on now, so we’ll feature it in next newsletter on November 15th. It does feel right to reveal another completed project however. Our writing group has just published HOMELAND, our 2020 anthology! So proud of my fellow gals and pals, whose work appears within these pages. Each of us has about five pieces inside. Kudos to Wendy Bradford and Dyann Boudreau who did so much behind the scenes to make this happen. 
This is our second year in a row, gathering and publishing our own work. This was our 2019 issue. If you want to commit to your own writing work this winter, contact me. These ongoing Zoom groups meet regularly:
• Every Saturday morning 10:30 am Westerly Writing group
• Every other Wednesday evening 6pm Book Writers group
• Every Monday evening 7pm Zoom Lodge

Due to rising numbers of COVID cases, our November Lodge ceremony is on hold. We hope to have it after the November 3rd election. The same for our Winter Solstice ceremony, scheduled for Sunday December 20.th We will adjust according to the restrictions in place as the time approaches. For all updates, check our HOPE HOUSE Facebook page