Volume 2 Issue 36: Initiation and Awareness

Wisdom Wheel

So much is happening right now I have to slow way down to take it all in. Everything is clamoring for attention in the heaving human turmoil surrounding us. At this Initiation time of year, on the Wisdom Wheel calendar, I am struggling with too much light, too much Awareness. The celestial events, new moon, Summer Solstice, a fire ring eclipse, and a bittersweet Father’s Day, were already lot to register.

But yesterday a damselfly alighted beside me during ceremony. As it opened and closed its iridescent wings, the tiny creature imparted a reverberating lesson. When its wings were shut, my attention was arrested by the bright white dot on its wingtips. Focus, it said. Pick a single spot. Then the four iridescent wings opened. The single dot split into four. This is how it’s done. When Awareness is allowed to blossom, into a beautiful quadrant, the Beauty is so satisfying, like a flower’s petals parting. I look on in awe rather than look away. Must remember this and practice it more often.

Publishing News

Time to celebrate the public Initiation of Measuring Distances. My brand new cross-cultural poetry book is officially available on Amazon. I hope my poems will encourage more Awareness. As we re-examine our history of racism, sexism, favoritism, police brutality, and crony capitalism, it is useful to look at these issues through an expatriate’s global lens. The ebook is $3.99. We are keeping the print book affordable at $9.95. Due to coronavirus precautions, we cannot have an in-person launch party, only a virtual one. Stay tuned for the date of that event and a promotional video coming soon.


Although I forgot to snap a picture of them, we had a wonderful meeting last week with the book club women who read The Importance of Paris memoir. All but one had been to France on vacation so they were familiar with the city. What surprised them was what they had not known about Middle East history. Having such a good time facilitating the discussion, and talking about the next memoir, I’m eager to do book clubs more often.

And there continue to be several ongoing Zoom groups:

Every Saturday morning 10:30 am, Westerly Writing group
Every other Wednesday evening 6pm, Book Writers group
Every Monday evening 7pm, Zoom Lodge


Although our community cannot attend in person, we continue to hold our scheduled ceremonies, eager to see the end of this pandemic, which has infected almost ten million (confirmed) people worldwide and killed nearly half a million, with 123,000 lost in US. We are taking no chances. There is no way to sit six feet apart and wear a mask inside a sweat lodge. See the latest updates about ceremonies on our HOPE HOUSE Facebook page