Volume 3 Issue 49: New Moon Theme is Love and Renewal

Touch the stones to center yourself.
It is time to learn the Laws of the Universe.
If you will do this, you can become a touchstone for others.

— Cynthia F. Davidson

Wisdom Wheel

What touchstones are guiding you as this New Year dawns? Over twenty years ago that motto arrived to guide me, coming the way dreams do, from beyond my petty ego mind. I took it to heart. And so far it has steered me through two decades of work with the Wisdom Wheel. I hope your dreams come to steer you through this and every year.

This is the Renewal time of year on the Wheel. And Renewal is being demanded of us. We will each undergo some type(s) of Initiation. On this New Year, I recall what has worked during my prior crises, like the one that brought me to Rhode Island in 1999. Hindsight is 2020 as some say… After each crisis it is easier to appreciate what got us through.

Back in 1999, there was no way I could know how things would turn out when I took the risk and left my corporate career, my former marriage, and my commuter life behind. Off into the wilderness I went, with my little bag of touchstones. Only later can anyone clearly see what worked when facing so much doubt and ambiguity, and so I share what worked for me and hope you’ll share what works for you.

Our country is facing transformative challenges. Between the pandemic and the politics, all semblance of normalcy has been removed for so many. We need trustworthy guidance. When facing my personal crisis in my early forties, all I consciously knew was my crying need for sanctuary and certainty.

The peace which passeth all understanding,” was my desire. To stop the demands upon me long enough to figure myself — and everything else — out sufficiently. This is familiar to anyone who has been in survival mode. You feel propelled to take action but unsure which choice to take. I wanted Mother Nature to instruct me. So I departed the cacophony and confusion of city and suburbs and returned to the wisdom of bedrock principles, the Universal Laws of existence. And I used them to rebuild my life, more solidly and surely.

Spirit guided me to Rhode Island, a state not previously on my radar. I settled on a small island, six miles long and two miles wide, in Narragansett Bay. Reachable only by ferry, this place became my crucible. The island’s old timers considered me crazy. “You’re moving here with three young children, when you know no one and have not a single relative?”

Yet I stayed, creating a modest spiritual retreat center, to share my need for sanctuary with others. I named my little wooden home Touch Stone Center. And I taught those who wanted to learn about the Wheel. For the next fifteen years many others gravitated to the island, by word of mouth, for vision quests and ceremonies. I remained there the longest of any place I have lived in my sixty six years. In 2014 we relocated to the mainland, but the Wheel, the ceremonies, and the teaching and writing have continued, in our new home, Hope House. Thanks to each of you who have come here.

News & Reviews

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