Volume 3 Issue 53: Full Moon | Self theme at Surrender time of year

“For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end.”
– Michelle ObamaBecoming

Are we reaching towards our better selves? How do we know if we’re evolving or devolving?

Ah, the maddening ambiguity of becoming! We’re never done. We like to think we are. But life challenges us continuously. Keep up. Change and adapt. Nature does this, constantly evolving, and so must we. I try to take my cues from Her. Even the darn coronavirus is evolving, creating new variants.

When it infected my able-bodied husband, it turned him into a hospital patient. To get better, his defenses had to kick in. Luckily he got the help he needed, and he wanted to get better. His body was able to keep evolving. Although his CT values (Cycle Threshold measurements) put him in the mortality category, he managed to regain his health. Finally well enough to leave Qatar, he flew home on Valentine’s Day. But now my son has it. In an LA quarantine facility, he does not yet know how mild or severe his case will be. Will it ever end? My friends are coping with suicides, house fires and heart attacks… My heart goes out to every one of them.

Michelle Obama reminds us how vital it is, to keep reaching forward, despite the struggles. They can make us stronger but we have to marshal all our forces. Her attitude helped her become our First Lady. Yet she wasn’t done when she moved into the White House or out of it. She has not rested on her laurels, expecting the struggles to cease. She remains dynamic, reinventing her Self, evolving, becoming.

As we seek to better ourselves, to evolve, our expectations have to sync up with the realities of life’s complexities. The struggles are constant and we need to be nudged into a continuous process of realignment, with Nature’s forces. I see this conundrum reflected in survivors and new students of the Wisdom Wheel. It is not some static set of materials one masters once to pass a single test. Ideally it becomes a dynamic companion, on our up, down, all around journeys. The Wisdom Wheel mirrors this cyclical process, nudging the evolution of our understandings, to support our becoming. But Nature and the Wheel can help us only as much as we consult them.  

The quadrants of the Wheel help structure these investigations. During this month of March, those using the 2021 Return to Wisdom planners are focusing upon the Self. We carry this theme around the circle to better understand others and ourselves. Each week we consider one of our four basic parts: mind, heart, body and spirit. While doing this, we’re also learning how the Wheel works. It encourages a continuous form of inquiry. With each completion of the circle, we add another layer of comprehension to our multidimensional map of reality.

We are studying the Self theme at the Surrender time of year on the Wisdom Wheel calendar. Our Pisces friends and family are celebrating their birthdays. One thing they’ve taught me about Surrender is not to give up, but to give over. I try to rely upon my spirit, soul Self when my ego/personality small self cannot take anymore. Some lessons make me laugh, like my Misfits surprises. Each week another box of organic produce arrives at our house from this company. Sure, I could email them, and control what comes by giving them my orders. Instead I’m practicing acceptance, another word for Surrender. How else would I learn to ask for golden beets? Until they showed up in my box, I’d never heard of them.

Likewise, no one thinks to ask for the Wisdom Wheel.

News & Events

As we were running out of Return to Wisdom 2021 planners at our online store we created a version to offer on Amazon.

Our virtual gatherings continue, for those using the planner journals, based upon the Wisdom Wheel. We started with Balance in January, discussed Awareness in February and Self is our theme for March.

Our Zoom gatherings are Wednesdays, March 10 and 24th 6:30 pm EST. To join us contact wisdomwheelwoman@gmail.com for meeting ID. Your feedback helps us to refine future planners for 2022 and 2023 as we complete all 36 Laws, 12 each year.

Ceremonies Spring Equinox celebrations -the dates of the four day group Bear Fast are March 17 to 21.st We continue to monitor the pandemic situation and collect information about the safety of allowing vaccinated people to attend. Check HOPE HOUSE Facebook page for updated news about this and other ceremonies.

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Evolution requires the evolution of our human consciousness. Consciousness cannot evolve unconsciously. Humanity’s evolution must involve our will, which cannot evolve involuntarily.” – G.I. Gurdjieff